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Purpose of this web site. . .
Seminars / Professional Speakers are considered the most preferred and effective way to deliver quality information to an audience. Thousands of seminars are held daily worldwide by professional speakers. This website deals with the professional seminar, not the academic seminars.
We created this web site making it easier for you to select the expert you desire.  This is not a popularity contest and ratings are not done by one single element.  We rate the experts on many criteria. It is an important fact to remember, the owners of this web site do not represent, own or operate seminars, this is a rating service only. 
How We Rate Seminar Experts / Professional Speakers...
Rating the Seminar / Professional Speaking Experts:  Seminar's range widely in their topics, length of time, content, locations, benefits, skill in delivering the information, holding your attention, ease of execution of learned material, costs, ease of attendance, and a host of other subjects we have used to calculate our rating system.  
Facts: Not all seminar experts are created equal. Since you deserve the best, we have created this web site to deliver a complete look at all seminar experts and rate them so you can feel safe in spending your money to attend. evaluates an array of seminar experts and their vast topics spanning the world. We created a rating system for all types of seminar topics - for example, self help, real estate, financial, motivational, educational, spiritual,  business, personal growth, medical, electronic, Internet, and dozens of other topics.
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